Conrad Unleashed Plays Resident Evil Zero HD (The Let’s Play Playlist)

Resident Evil Zero HD playthrough gameplay playlist is a survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom and originally released for the GameCube in 2002. It is a prequel to Resident Evil (1996) and its remake (2002), covering the ordeals experienced in the Arklay Mountains by a special police force unit, the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team. The story follows officer Rebecca Chambers and convicted criminal Billy Coen as they explore an abandoned training facility for employees of the pharmaceutical company Umbrella. The gameplay is similar to other Resident Evil games but includes a unique “partner zapping” system. The player controls both Rebecca and Billy, switching control between them to solve puzzles and use their unique abilities.

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On July 23, 1998, a train owned by the pharmaceutical company Umbrella, the Ecliptic Express, comes under attack from a swarm of leeches. As the passengers and crew are attacked, a mysterious young man watches over the resulting chaos from a hillside. Two hours later, the Bravo Team of the Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) police force is sent to investigate a series of cannibalistic murders in the Arklay Mountains outside of Raccoon City. On the way to the scene, its helicopter has an engine failure and crash-lands in a forest. While searching the immediate area, Officer Rebecca Chambers of Bravo Team comes across the Express, now motionless, and explores it, only to find the passengers and crew transformed into zombies, unaware their transformation was a result of exposure to Umbrella’s T-virus contained within the leeches. As she explores the train for answers, she teams up with Billy Coen—a former Marine Force Reconnaissance officer, who was to be executed for killing 23 people until the military police van transporting him crashed within the region.

The pair soon notices the same mysterious young man, moments before the train suddenly begins moving again. Unbeknownst to the pair, two soldiers from Umbrella, on the orders of Albert Wesker and William Birkin, attempt to take control of the train and destroy it but are killed by leeches before they can complete their mission. As the train speeds out of control, Rebecca and Billy apply the brakes and avert its course towards an abandoned building. Upon exploring the area, they discover it to be a disused training facility for future executives of Umbrella, and that the former director of the facility and the corporation’s co-founder, Dr. James Marcus, was responsible for discovering the so-called Progenitor virus in the 1960s, and decided to examine its potential as a biological weapon. He combined it with leech DNA to develop the T-virus that causes rapid mutations in living organisms and thus transforms humans and animals into zombies and monsters.

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